What if I don't want reconstruction


In case a patient decides against reconstruction, a prosthetic breast which she places inside her bra is an option.

This artificial body part mimics the look and feels of the natural breast during the day- to- day activities and provide the body with the weight, therefore improving your posture. The external prosthesis can easily be exchanged if the volume of the other breast changes. Its main disadvantages are:

  • Wearing low cut dresses or blouses can be more difficult than following surgical breast reconstruction.
  • The prosthesis may feel heavy, cold, or warm and sweaty, leading to skin irritation.
  • A loose prosthesis can move and sometimes slip out of a bra. It may be necessary to wear a special bra or adapted clothing to prevent this from happening.
  • Certain sports or hobbies can become more difficult unless a specific support garment is worn, e.g., a particular swimsuit is often needed.

Some women may choose not to do anything after a mastectomy. They may not want to undergo unnecessary reconstructive surgeries, and they may find prosthetics uncomfortable. Others merely accept their new looks on of one or both of their breasts.

It is important to notice that there are no additional health risks, should the patient decide not to undergo any form of reconstruction after breast tissue removal. However, some women with a very large remaining breast might experience some back pain over the long term, due to imbalanced body posture.

Even if a patient decides she does not want reconstruction, this does not significantly limit her options in case she changes her mind at a later date. Unfortunately, though, we frequently notice that the decision against the breast reconstruction is based on the inaccurate or incomplete information.