Plastic Surgery Zorman


Breast reconstruction indicates a set of surgical procedures to restore the appearance and symmetry of the breast. Removing breast cancer is an intervention that saves life. Reconstruction is an unnecessary and usually lengthy process, that can improve the quality of life and helps coping with the sneaky disease, but on the other hand does not interfere with its prognosis. The goal of reconstitution is not just to replace the tissue, but to create a pair of beautiful and symmetrical breasts. Experience shows that, except in selected cases, natural and lasting results can only be obtained by transferring tissue from another part of the body with microsurgical technique.

A woman undergoing breast reconstruction needs a surgeon who will take the time for a sincere and clear explanation about expected results and potential complications to ease her decision. He must also be experienced enough to carry out the procedure meticulously, safely and to the highest possible standards. Last but not least, he must be honest enough to evaluate his work critically and try to improve the results whenever neccessary.

Peter Zorman, MD, Consultant Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon