Additional procedures


Breast reconstruction frequently requires some form of touch-up surgery to optimize results. To achieve symmetry or to make the breasts aesthetically more pleasing it is sometimes necessary to surgical alter the other breast.

Although bilateral mastectomy is indicated in some cases, a majority of patients undergo the removal of a single breast. Unilateral breast removal or mastectomy creates a new challenge of matching the volume and looks of the opposing breast to the reconstructed one. This can be done with altering or sculpting the shape of the reconstructed breast, which is easier in case reconstruction is performed with a flap. However, there are cases where the only option is performing surgery on the other breast to achieve symmetry.

Touch-up surgery can include repositioning the breasts, fat grafting, liposuction, correcting previous scars and contours, adding an implant to add volume or projection and modifying the shape, position, and size of the other breast to help match it.

 The most often performed procedures are:

Every patient’s priorities are different. Some patients are more willing than others to undergo these additional “touch-up” or “revision” procedures to improve the appearance or balance of the reconstructed breast. Generally, patients who pursue these additional procedures can achieve a more aesthetically pleasing result.