What is breast reconstruction


Breast reconstruction is aimed towards restoring the appearance and symmetry of the breasts, following removal of part or the whole breast. It has become an integral part of treatment process following breast cancer.

In general, the missing tissues are reconstructed by replacing them with your tissue or stretching out the remaining skin using a tissue expander and later replacing it with a silicone implant. There are also exceptions where after tissue expansion the breast tissue is replaced with a flap or where the implant is inserted immediately after breast removal.

Breast reconstruction improves the quality of life without delaying cancer detection, cancer treatment and discovery of recurrence. Current scientific evidence suggests that any form of breast reconstruction does not increase the chances of the cancer returning.

In most cases, breast reconstruction is a lengthy process. From a broad array of procedures, a combination is chosen individually, based on patient’s characteristics and wishes.

Technically the goal of breast reconstruction is either to recreate the breast that matches one on the opposite side or to improve the shape of both breasts to make them symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing.

Functionally the primary goal of breast reconstruction is to allow a woman to wear clothing that fits well, without the use of an external prosthesis. A secondary goal is to achieve the best resemblance of a natural looking breast possible.