As with all surgical procedures scars will be present after reconstruction. The surgeon always aims to make them as unnoticeable as they can be and tries to place them in concealed body parts, if possible.

Mastectomy (surgical removal of breast gland tissue), depending on the size and position of cancer usually leaves a circular or linear scar located in the center of the breast area. In case a nipple-sparing mastectomy is performed, the scar is positioned only around the areola. In cases where additional removal of axillary lymph nodes is necessary additional linear scar in the armpit is usually present.

Reconstruction with flaps will cause additional scars around the donor area.

All scars typically undergo a maturation process, during which they become flatter, paler and less visible. The entire maturation process can take as long as two years. If needed, unpleasant and unaesthetic scars can be additionally surgically corrected, usually in local anesthesia.

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